Restoration Work

Facade Restoration

The 1208 Race Street building was built in 1895. For 121 years our facility has served the community and the people who gathered for worship well. For the last 70 years the realities of the neighborhood challenged the congregation's ability to maintain the building. The doors have always remained open, but precious financial resources were always directed first to the countless people who were in great need living in our surrounding neighborhood. The recent transformation in Over-the-Rhine has provided the opportunity to address the significant amount of deferred maintanance that exists. Restoring the facade, stabilizing the bell tower, installing a full elevator, rennovating the Gallery and stained glass, finishing the restoration efforts in the worship space and renewing our lower level meal space are all on the list to tackle. 

Last fall our "On Track & Resolute" Capital Campaing secured $380,000 in finanical comitmments.  This has allowed us to move forward with the first phase of restoration work costing $700,000. On July 6 the process of removing our main stained glass window for restoration will begin. This work will be doned by Willet Huaser from Winona, Minnesota. On August 1, SSRG of Cincinnati will begin the full restoration of our sandstone facade and woodwork as well as the stabilization of our bell tower and patching of our flat roofs.  Scaffolding will remain on our sidewalk through December.  The stained glass will  be re installed next spring.

If you would like to support our effort to preserve our historic building located on Wasthington Park and the Bell Connector line you can click on our paypal link located on our "Support" Page.  Thank you in advance for your support!

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